Monday, October 30, 2006

Debate on kurd-turk relations in iran :

  • I did not say "Arian organization" and I do not believe in such notions. I referred to Persian propaganda to please Kurds. Any biologist will tell you that the genetic variations between the 46 chromosomes of human race are so minute and even the amount of similarity between our genome and chimpanzee's is around 98%.
  • In Scenario 4 that I mentioned (maintaining Iran's integrity), there is a confrontation between Kurds (less than 10 Mil) and Azeris (more than 20 Mil) to dominate each other. That is called power struggle and competition, considering the fact that Azeri Turks have a state with military up north and the Turks have dominated Iran for the past 800 years, even the wives of Reza Shah and Shah were Turkish origin.
  • In other scenarios that I mentioned, there is the high likelihood for Shiite Azeris to try to dominate Kurds up to Hamedan province or join forces with the Islamic Shiite regime.
  • Azeri nationalism inside Iran is in
  • direct conflict with their Safavid Shiism history (unlike Kurds) and to understand it one can contrast the people's reaction in Azerbaijan after the collapse of Pishewari government there in 1945 vs the collapse of 1946 Kurdistan Republic.
  • Let's not forget that the Iranian leader Khamenei is also Turkish speaker and the Azeris exert a lot of power and influence in the economy/Bazaar of Tehran unlike Kurds. I'm afraid the Iran war will be a religious Shiite vs. secular one.
  • Things won't be that simple as "brotherhood of Kurds and Azeris" when Iran becomes unstable. Then Kurds will need to confront the need to prepare themselves for the claims of Turks and what they call it "Turk-tazi" (Turkish expansionist), from Urmia to Hemedan. Even Turkey may get involved.
  • I think KDPI and other Kurdish parties in Iran need to work very quickly on alliance building with Kurdish parties in Iraq and Turkey (KDP, PKK, Pejak and ...) and Iran (Komala and Kurdish Sunni religious opposition) instead of trusting the nice words of secular Azeri.
  • As an outsider to all these parties, I see major faults in the present Kurdish strategy in Iran and if your strategy is wrong, then you won't win. Kurds in Iran don't have a parliament in exile so that we can debate/parle the Kurdish strategy.
  • I laid out my thinking/thesis in a very clear, specific and academic fashion, but show me the weakness of my arguments "point by point" and give your alternative anti-thesis so that we can come with a synthesis of both and come up with a new thesis and a "new doctrine" for Kurdish struggle in Iran.
  • What the Kurdish strategy in Iran should be and what approach towards Kurdish and non-kurdish players in Iran and their neighborhood (Iraq, Turkey)? I look forward to KDPI, Komala ... to lay out this strategy for us or adopt a version
  • of my thesis.
  • Posted by: Goran Nowicki | September 5, 2006 12:28 PM


Anonymous said...

Hey buddy, Selam qardash!

Deyerili qaynaqlar ve sozler yazmisan. Mende bir Guney Azerbaycanliyam... Yasha!

turboratur said...

Kurds are brother of jews and Armenian and people of Anatolia and georgian and Albans ( you say Azeriturk )and other Animals .

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

You are really stupid, The persians have never been blonde or green or blue eyed like you are trying to describe. You are trying to connect iranians with Nazi Hitlers aryan ideologi! Azeri turks have been proven to belong to the same halogroup as the kurds! how do you explain the saffavids being of kurdish origin but are descrieb in history books as Turks? , how do you explain that Kurds and azeris belonging to the same halogroup? There were and language before the turks arrived to the region 900 years ago, called Old azari/Adhari!!1 What i know is that kurds are far more homogeniusly than persians! I bet your wife is a real turk!! That is were all the hate come from, like som say hitler were a jew!! You are always gona be White ahhaah your biggest dream is to be an iranian!! Din dumme jävel åk hem till norge igen fyfan!! I recommend your wife to test her father and mother on Y-kromosom and mtdna to se were she desend from! I bet shes not even full iranian!!