Monday, October 30, 2006

Azeri Turk Cultural Identity

  • The Following quote shows that contrary to Azeri Turk claims that they have Iranian culture, their ethnic identity is not an Iranian identity but an azeri turk identity. Also Azeri Turks state clearly that they control Iran:

  • A new book by Brenda Shaffer, Harvard University’s Director of Caspian Studies, has reportedly captivated the attention of "regime change" advocates in Washington. In her book, "Borders and Brethren: Iran and the Challenge of Azerbaijani Identity," Shaffer challenges the widely held view in contemporary Iranian scholarship that a broad Iranian identity supersedes ethnic identities.
  • The overwhelming majority of Iranian Azeris has displayed little interest in ethnic-inspired instability and virtually no interest in secession or unification with the Republic of Azerbaijan. Many view the Republic of Azerbaijan as economically stagnant and politically corrupt. As one Tabriz merchant joked: "We already virtually control Iran. Why would we want to become [Azerbaijani President Heidar] Aliyev’s slave?"
Who is Iranian?

  • 1. The Azeri Turk Saffavids regime in 16 century, executed more than 70.000 persians only in Isfahan. They also killed millions of Zoarastrian and imposed the Shia religion on Iran.
  • 2. The current Azeri Turk regime in Tehran has executed 250.000 people. It is still stoning people. Everybody in Iran agrees that this regime has no "Iranian" or "Persian" culture. Culturally they are related to primitive Turk tribes in Caucasus where they originate.
  • 9. By "Iranian" Azeri Turks mean somebody who is half turk, half persian, half arab, half mongol. That is an "Iranian" has no ethnic identity. Everybody in Iran is supposed to be a member of "Iranian race". This is an smart way for Azeri Turks to mix up and confuse ethnic identities and claim to be the natives of Iran and the inheritor of Persian civilization.


turboratur said...

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turboratur said...

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Anonymous said...

You are really stupid, The persians have never been blonde or green or blue eyed like you are trying to describe. You are trying to connect iranians with Nazi Hitlers aryan ideologi! Azeri turks have been proven to belong to the same halogroup as the kurds! how do you explain the saffavids being of kurdish origin but are descrieb in history books as Turks? , how do you explain that Kurds and azeris belonging to the same halogroup? There were and language before the turks arrived to the region 900 years ago, called Old azari/Adhari!!1 What i know is that kurds are far more homogeniusly than persians! I bet your wife is a real turk!! That is were all the hate come from, like som say hitler were a jew!! You are always gona be White ahhaah your biggest dream is to be an iranian!! Din dumme jävel åk hem till norge igen fyfan!! I recommend your wife to test her father and mother on Y-kromosom and mtdna to se were she desend from! I bet shes not even full iranian!!